TV screen protector (Anti-blue light)

TV screen protector (Anti-blue light)

Product size 32”~70”
Panel Thickness 2mm~3mm
UV block (300nm) 99.9% +
Transmittance (550nm) 83%
Blue light block (405nm) 95.8%
Appearance Light grey
Blue light block (390~480nm) 50% (averages)
Drop Impact test (43g/1.3m) Without crack / break

Goods Brief:

Exclusive Blue-ray optical filter processes, block 95% Blue-ray (405nm) and easy to make vision care.

 Medical reports: Looking the LCD screen for a long time could increase the risks of eye macular pigmentation, cataract,

and agerelated macular degeneration. (AMD) 


Anti-blue light compare:



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