TV screen protector (Anti-glare)

TV screen protector (Anti-glare)

Product size 32”~70”
Panel Thickness 2.5 mm~3.0mm
UV block (300nm) 80%
Anti-Reflection 96%
Transmittance (550nm) 92%
Appearance Translucent Mist
Surface Handness 4 H
Deflection Temperature (℃) / (66psi) 92℃
Drop Impact test (43g/1.3m) Without crack / break

Goods Brief:

Exclusive anti-glare patented technology【million particle / cm²】, eliminating the glare caused by the LCD TV’s over brightness.

   Taiwan patent #: M370266   
W/O AG-processed surface      
W/AG-processed surface - Anti-Glare patented [million particles/cm²]      


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