PC screen filter (Anti-blue light)

PC screen filter (Anti-blue light)

Suitable sizes 19” - 27”
Filter thickness 2 mm
UV block (300 nm) 99.9% +
Transmittance (550 nm) 83%
Blue light block (405 nm) 95.8%
Appearance Light grey
Blue light block (390~480nm) 50% (averages)
Drop Impact test (43g/1.3m) Without crack/break

Goods Brief:

PC screen filter
Highest Blue Light blockage rate (95%) in the market.

Generally, the wavelength of light between 780-380nm are the common visible light that we see. The Blue light which is between 480-390nm is the shortest in wavelength and carries the highest energy one among all visible light waves; it cannot be absorbed by the cornea and crystalline lens, therefore it directly affects the retina and results in direct damage to the eyes.

Blue light exists in the light generated from all type of electronic displayers. Long-term exposure under the blue light could induce macular chronic injuries, eye fatigue and soreness. Possibility of severe myopia, cataract, glaucoma, and other eye related diseases will be increased accordingly. Studies in Harvard University have shown that blue light will confuse the biological clock, thus reduce sleep quality, and raise the possibility of cancer occurrence.


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