Full-Protection PC/TV Screen Filter

Full-Protection PC/TV Screen Filter

Product size 19"~65"
Panel Thickness 2mm~2.8mm
UV block(300nm) 99.9%+
Transmittance (550-700nm) 80.6%
Blue light block (380-420nm) 92.6%
Appearance Light grey
Blue light block (390-480nm) 50.6% (averages)
Drop impact test(43g/1.3m) Without crack / break

Goods Brief:

Full-Protection PC/TV Screen Filter     




Anti-blue light



Introduction of Bacteria

The structure of bacteria is very simple; it is a prokaryote, organelles without membrane structure such as mitochondria and chloroplasts, but with cell walls. According to the composition of the cell wall, bacteria are divided into Gram-positive bacteria and Gram-negative bacteria.The “Gram Bacteria Classification” comes from the Danish bacteriologist Hans Christian Gram, who invented the Gram stain.

Introducing the virus

Virus is a non-cellular form composed of a nucleic acid molecule (DNA or RNA) and protein. It is a kind of organism, unable to exhibit life phenomena on its own, and is an organic species between living and non-living organisms that lives by parasitism. .

Viruses contain genetic material (RNA or DNA); all viruses also have a capsid formed by protein, which is used to wrap and protect the genetic material; in addition, some viruses can form a lipid envelope (mantle) when they reach the cell surface. The membrane) surrounds the outside, and the virus particles are about one thousandth the size of bacteria. Most viruses are 10-300 nanometers (nm) in diameter.

Antibacterial mechanism

 1. The silver ions released by the Ishizuka inorganic silver antibacterial agent have a positive charge, and the cell wall of the bacteria has a negative charge. Silver will adsorb to the cell wall of the bacteria, resulting in uneven positive and negative charges, causing the bacteria to break.


 2. The silver ions released by Ishizuka inorganic silver antibacterial agent penetrate into the cell and destroy the intracellular structure mitochondria, vacuole, ribosome and biological molecules protein, lipid and DNA.


Anti-virus mechanism

1. Nano silver has a strong adsorption and fixation effect on the virus, and could bind to certain proteins on the surface of the virus, affecting the interaction between the virus and the cell receptor, hindering the binding of the virus to the host cell and preventing the virus invading cell.

2. Nano silver could combine with viral nucleic acid to change the structure of viral deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA), affecting the replication and reproduction of the virus to inact the virus. 

Exclusive antibacterial technology

1. General processing method: The antibacterial agent is only sprayed or coating on the surface of the product. During use, alcohol or various cleaning agents are repeatedly wiped. The antibacterial agent will gradually peel off due to abrasion, which will greatly reduce the antibacterial effect.

2. Original compound technology(patent pending): makes nano silver ions uniformly distributed in this soluble glass,An antibacterial substrate with a particle size of <1.6~5 μm is formed. This antibacterial substrate can be completely integrated into the PMMA process for one-time production, without secondary surface processing, and there will be no problem of peeling off the antibacterial layer.

Test for Antimicrobial Activity

JIS Z2801 is the Japanese Industrial Standards ,It is also the only test method in the world,  that defines a clear standard value for antibacterial activity, and the qualified antibacterial activity value (R) must be greater than 2.0.

WIXTECH product has been tested by INTERTEK and has an antibacterial effect of more than 99.99%, which proves that the product can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, avoid becoming a vector for the growth and infection of bacteria, and greatly reduce the infection and spread of bacteria/viruses.     

The antibacterial agent IONPURE comes from Japan and has passed the complete safety certifications of Japan SIAA, US EPA, US FDA, US NSF, EU BPA, EU EFSA, etc.


Test Report >99.99%


EPA confirmed that silver ion can be used as an    anti-coronavirus (COVID-19)

The harm of blue light 

Visible light source wavelength range: 380-780nm

The blue light between 380-450nm is the highest energy light in the visible light wave. It will not be absorbed by the cornea and lens. Long-term exposure will generate a lot of free radicals. Excess free radicals will accelerate the oxidation of the retinal macula and damage the retina. Pigment epithelial cells eventually cause the death of the main visual cells in the macula, causing permanent and irreversible damage to the eyes.


Anti-Blue Light / UV

The unique light-cutting technology can effectively block high-energy blue light and ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body. The product has been verified by  INTERTEK inspection to have significant light filtering efficiency, which is not a common commercial dyeing sheet.


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